Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sandy Meisner-Best Kept Secret

Meisner Acting Technique

There is a lot of information out there about the Meisner Technique. In LA you will find hundreds of people claiming they are trained in Meisner, schools that teach it and places that charge you thousands of dollars to learn it. The fact is this there are only a few schools that teach the Mesiner Technique correctly. What you will find is that some teachers do not fully grasp the concept and it results in them poorly training thier students. Learning Meisner is a process. People are sometimes too interested in the fast approach to things. They get addicted to "Get rich quick" or "Lose weight fast" schemes and this is no different for actors. The bottom line is this Meisner is about breaking down all your bad habits you learned in your life, stripping them away so that you can finally get truthful in your acting. What people fail to realize is that everyone is different so this process will affect people differently. Schools that don't consider this and choose to train thier students all at once expecting them to grow and learn at the same rate, results in over half of the students not fully knowing what they are doing and not learning the technique correctly. The point of the Meisner technique is to act TRUTHFULLY under imaginary circumstances. Note the word thruthfully. for example If one student is understanding the technique and the second is not but the teacher is forcing them to move on to the next step this result in student #2 not acting truthfully. Of course because most actors are ego drivin and will refuse to admit they don't fully "get it" Student #2 will never fully learn the Meisner Technique correctly. Now imagine that student is now grown up and becomes and teacher of Meisner! You then get 100 more people learning it incorrectly...GET MY DRIFT! This is the majority of schools in LA who claim they know how to teach the Meisner technique. In my opinion Playhouse West is the best school in LA that's teaches the Miesner Technique. Robert Carnegie who worked with Sandy for 15 years at Playhouse still teaches there. It is the only school that has knowledge if the last teachings of Sanford Meisner. I LOVED my time there and would not bethe actor I am today without training there. No one is the master of Meisner except himself but if you want to learn it how he intended actors too you have to be willing to comit to the process. Commitment is the first step and hard work is the next.

Sanford Meisner Technique

Playhouse West

The Playhouse consist of teachers who wokred with Sandy. They were his students and are now passing down his teachings to others. Playhouse West is the best because unlike every other school in LA that charges you thousands of dollars per year to learn what they think is "acting" Playhouse charges around $185 per month. They are considerate to the fact that we are struggling actors and goes to show you that they are not in it for the money they are commited to traning people to be the best actor they can be. My time there changed my life and encourage you to go sit in on a class and see what it is all about. I promise you in the first five minutes you will be ready to join the school. I'm not on here to get you to go to Playhouse I writing because I don't want people to make the same mistake I did. I spent $20,000 on a school that I leaned absolutely NOTHING from! Supposidly one of the top schools in LA (American Musical Dramatic Academy) Now I wll go into details later about this joke but the point is don't waste your time. I wish I would have discovered Playhouse West sooner but I'm glad I finally did. Be prepared to lose all those bad habits you spent years learning when you thought you were a good actor. Trust me you have no clue what doors are about to open from you if you attend this school. You will discover the wonderful world of Sanford Meisner's technique the way he wanted us to learn it. The feeling is priceless and I can't say it enough of how much it changed my life.

Just got done watching Sanford Meisner - Theater's Best Kept Secret (Part 1 - 7)

It was so good I got lost in Sandy Meisners teachings. It made me miss Playhouse West and only confirmed that I need to move back to LA to get back in school. Playhouse was the one place I actually learned. I wish I could have met Sandy and been his student. I have been to so many acting classes and schools and the only one out of all the places I went, thousands of dollars I spent, and time I wasted the only one that I can say helped make me a better actor is Playhouse West in LA. I am so blessed I found that school it changed my life and I can't wait to go back.